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Decorative Papers

Paper can be made with flowers, threads, plant fibres,hearts or other additives.

This paper has been made by dipping the mould into two vats twice.First in a vat with cream recycled mount board, then in a vat of blue recycled paper with dried brown boronia and forget-me-not flowers added but it was only dipped half way in and was scooped out with lots of flowers.

Plain paper can be embossed with lace or with initials for special occassions.

This paper was made from recycled mount board and pressed with a fairly heavy lace. The lace was left on until the paper dried.

This paper has been made in several layers. Very thin sheets of each layer were pulled and rubbed with a sponge causing the pulp to bunch up.

This paper has been made with lots of inclusions, red & green wool, gold thread and Christmas wrapping paper


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