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Festive Cards and Gifts from Handmade Paper

Make creative gifts, cards and gift boxes out of your own handmade paper.

Over two sessions Gail Stiffe will show you how to make your own unique recycled and natural fibre paper and will demonstrate the potential of this fantastic medium to create beautiful and personal gifts and cards.


Discover the specific skills and techniques needed to make paper. Learn how to use this paper to make your own artworks, cards and books.

This course will cover:

This course is suitable for beginners who have never tried papermaking and for those wishing to refresh and extend their knowledge of papermaking in order to make a range of gifts for the festive season.


Students will learn the skills to make a range of different decorative papers and to incorporate these papers in collages, gift boxes, cards, bookmarks and books. They will come away from the workshop with a range of items suitable for gift giving.


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